Discover the 1 question you need to ask to finally find your purpose

Looking for your purpose?

You've come to the right place 

Looking for your purpose?

You've come to the right place 

I want to help you stop the never-ending and overwhelming search for purpose.

I'm here to bust some myths, change some beliefs and help you ask the right questions, so that you can finally start living your purpose.

I'm Angharad

My name's pronounced a little like 'Anne Harrod', in case you were wondering! And it means 'greatly loved one' - in case you were wondering that too!

It has been a long road to get here - to the place on my purpose journey where I can finally say that I know what I want to do and am taking my first steps to do it.

For the longest time I let my self-doubt, fears and sabotaging needs for significance and certainty rule.  This in turn held me back from the purpose that I felt in my heart for almost twenty years.

And now I am so excited to share the many insights I have gained from this two-decade journey and to help others to start living their full purpose.

Angharad Davies

My slow dance with purpose

A twenty-year journey of trying to find and live my purpose

It all started with two children. And not my two children.

It was the summer of 2003 and I was volunteering in a hospital playroom in Bucharest, Romania. And in came two smiling kids. Friends by circumstance. Ward buddies. Diagnosis twins. Two children who filled my heart with courage, my mind with wisdom and my soul with purpose.

And for the next eight years of my life I tried to live that purpose - to help children with cancer.  So I volunteered in hospitals at home and abroad, I fund-raised, and I added post-graduate qualifications in Play Therapy and Psycho-Oncology to my Psychology degree.

But something didn't quite fit. And life built a big brick wall on my path.

Having commited to my life and now husband in Spain I was devastated to learn that my British degree and Spanish masters were incompatible. And effectively I was unable to work there as a Psycho-Oncologist - and essentially unable to fulfil my purpose.

Then one day as I was reading a syllabus book on finding life meaning, and it hit me square in the face. There in black and white were the five dimensions of life: physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual. And do you know what wasn't there? Professional.

Somewhere along the way I had made my life purpose all about profession.   

So I took a big step back. And I focused inwards.

I embraced the five dimensions of life and it took me on a whole new and very different path - to the Spanish countryside, owning my own business running English courses and becoming a mum.  

But there was always a little piece  missing. Something deep down in my soul calling out to become.  And when I became a mum I couldn't ignore it any longer. Because I knew that whatever I was called to do, it wasn't just for me. It was for my children.  And it was for the world that they would grow up and grow old  in.  

So I dug deep. Really deep.
And it brought me full circle.

Because I realised, it wasn't a why or a how or a what that I needed in order to live my purpose.  All I needed was a who.  And that who had never left my heart.

So with a grateful heart, a wiser mind and my who, I stepped out into the world to make the big difference I had known I was here to make almost twenty years before.  

And the rest is history - in the making.

I imagine a world where...

Those who have nothing, have it all.
Those who have it all, truly live their all.
And we all turn our good luck into a gift for others.

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