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The Purpose Breakthrough Workshop

Discover the 1 question you need to ask to finally find your purpose

The question that changed everything

In this twenty-minute workshop I will share with you the question that changed everything for me and ended my almost twenty-year struggle of trying to find and live my purpose.

This question is the missing piece of the purpose puzzle. It is the very first step on your purpose path and it's your base to always come back to whenever things feel tough or impossible.

So who am I anyway?

My name's Angharad Davies and I'm a veteran of a two-decade uphill climb to finally find and live my purpose.

I have been where you are now and I have felt what you're feeling - like you're stuck in a never-ending and overwhelming struggle, scared to choose the wrong purpose, feeling like it's always out of your reach and that you're failing at it completely.

I did what you have done - read the blog articles, watched the YouTube videos and Googled many many times "How do I find my purpose?".  But all of that just seemed to keep me stuck and lost.  Until one day I looked at things a little differently and I asked myself a question that completely opened up my eyes, my mind and my heart.

Now I'm not saying that I never had another struggle, fear or frustration after that.  But I never felt lost again.  I knew exactly which mountain I was here to climb - and that is, sometimes, the biggest battle of all.

So if you're ready to finally find your purpose, then please join me in my short workshop by filling in the form below.

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